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event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but after the Grid View control updates the row.This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as checking the results of the update operation, whenever this event occurs.Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.You'll be able to ask questions about coding or chat with the community and help others. To Upper = "ADD" Then Dim txt_Disp Seq As Text Box = Direct Cast(dgv_Ref Tables. Find Control("_txt Disp Seq"), Text Box) Dim txt_Name As Text Box = Direct Cast(dgv_Ref Tables. Find Control("_txt Name"), Text Box) Dim Chk_Is Active As Check Box = Direct Cast(dgv_Ref Tables. Find Control("_chk Is Active"), Check Box) obj BORefered Table = BO. Added By = CType(Session("User Profile"), BOUser Profile).

Message) End Try End If End Sub Protected Sub Drop Down List1_Selected Index Changed(By Val sender As System.

Find Control("txt Disp Seq"), Text Box) Dim txt Name As Text Box = CType(row.

New Edit Index Bind Data() End Sub Private Sub dgv_Ref Tables_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Find Control("lbl ID"), Label) Dim txt Disp Sql As Text Box = CType(row.

Connection = connection Dim data Adapter As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter(command) Dim data Source As Data Set = New Data Set() data Adapter. -------------------------- The Bind Grid View process is listed out above; It may appear a little more convoluted than normal simply because it must dynamically build the select statement based on any possible table selected. Is there another event I could define that would fire when the auto-generated update button is clicked. Ideally I need to capture the before and after change field values so I can log it but for now if I could just get the value to write the update statement; that would be a great start. Let me know if you have any other ideas; if this doesn't work; I'm not sure what option I have besides drawing out a table and using update links the old way with posts.

--------------------------xt x = 1 i = i 1 Try ' Dim newvalue As String = e.

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