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By the end of 2016 Rotterdam joined Amsterdam and Utrecht in surpassing pre-crisis levels, although some financial experts predict the recent strong growth will balance out by 2017.For those considering buy-to-let investments, there is a growing shortage of affordable rental apartments in the main Dutch cities, especially in Amsterdam where developers are building thousands of micro apartments (around 30 sqm) to meet demand.

No restrictions are placed on foreigners for buying a house in the Netherlands, but you should know the quirks of the Dutch housing market before buying your Dutch home.

Negotiations are usually only undertaken with one prospective buyer at a time.

After the sale price has been agreed, the formal steps towards property transfer take place.

Along with many other countries, the housing market in the Netherlands has been in flux since the 2008 financial crisis ended a long period of rising property prices.

The country is densely populated with a growing population, so competition for appealing properties in certain areas can be fierce.

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