How do i know if my drivers need updating

On the other hand, if you have an internal device that is not easily accessible, it may be difficult for you to find the make and model for it (for example a video card).

For internal devices you should use the Device Manager to find out this information: Click on the Start button in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop as shown below: ).

Therefore you would want to download and install the driver created by the hardware manufacturer so that Windows understands how to use these special features.

Also as time goes by, hardware manufacturers release new versions of their drivers to fix bugs, increase performance, increase stability on your computer, or add new features.

By default Windows contains generic drivers for many different types of hardware connected to your computer.

Unfortunately, many of these drivers that are bundled with Windows tend to be generic and do not support all of the advanced features of the hardware being installed.

However, in the event that you are unable to find a driver section, there are a number of handy sites which collect all the drivers available into an alphabetical list by manufacturer name. It has an up-to-date list of available drivers, and is very easy for novices to navigate around.Devices that you connect to your computer are often very specialized which makes it so Windows can not communicate directly with the device without a program telling it how to.This program, or device driver, acts as a translator between the installed device and the programs that utilize the device.You should see your video card listed and you would make a note of the make and model of the card you wish to update.Stay in the current window, as the following steps will continue from here.

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