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The Orthodox Church became its own distinctentity as a result of the following events which occurred over the course of about 700 years: A. Christ unified in His nature and subsequent person. Pope Leo IX – Pope of Catholic Church – fought against Normans in 1052 taken captive 1. Sent legate Cardinal Humbert to give evidence from Constantine’s “donatio” that Rome held primal papacy. Cardinal Humbert laid Papal Bull of Excommunication on altar of Hagia Sophia B.

To further assert authority over the masses the doctrine of Papal Infallibility would be added to this list of errors.1794 Sent missionaries to Alaska, established first Orthodox Church in N America * 125 million Russian Orthodox today D.Armenian Orthodox – Armenia adopted Christianity as its state religion in 301 AD 1.Nothing could be further from the truth as their own creed of faith clearly states that they hold to one Divine nature and one Human nature in perfect unity without mix which is essentially the orthodox position for all of historic biblical Christianity.They were persecuted by the Western Church (early Roman Catholicism), abandoned by the Eastern Church, and eventually persecuted by the Muslims with heavy taxation, beatings, and martyrdom.

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