Htc desire news widget not updating

I didn't take a back up of my Telstra stock ROM either...great. So after a few hours of trying adb sideload and adb push, I installed Philz Touch and it read my external SD card just fine. fact is, they're all effectively using the same base, same system files etc, so they'll all perform roughly the same. I use Insertcoin, and it definitely doesn't have any lag, with opening folders or anything else. whelp, that bottle is empty, opening bottle 2 chugging.......... A newer radio is generally better anyway, and is a good thing to update. Radio is included in the firmware update (though not always).

Has anyone got a back up of the stock Telstra rom that I can use? But as posted in the XDA thread recently, if you copy a large file to the while it's going through the bottles, it will work. Insertcoin lagged opening folders, renovate lags all over for short period of time. Those things you mention could be a whole host of factors. But I am using Skydragon ROM now, and it is a lot smoother than anything I have tried so far. whelp, that bottle is empty, opening bottle 3 chugging.......... I have flashed the 1.54 firmware update and had no issues. A newer radio is generally better anyway, and is a good thing to update.

I got s-off on bottle #3 :) Maybe it's the faster processor stuffing things up, needs something else to think about at the same time to slow down the process : P I got lucky on mine a couple of days back, worked with the normal process... I might need to give arhd a go but I never liked them due to lack of customisation Cheers! ============================= Most reliable drivers are right from HTC. I have flashed the 1.54 firmware update and had no issues.

I really wished I backed up my stock Telstra rom :(... Yay, No more s-on like my 2 years of HTC ONE X, I swore off HTC after that but, my LG G2 died twice 'badly' in 3 months from normal use, this time it totally died, EFS was corrupt.

An unknown error occurred [error number]" error message when updating or restoring your i OS device, view this info to correct it.

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BITS is an Android widget, so after installing you need to press on a empty space on screen, choose Widgets and the BITS size you'd like to use. This is a very interesting app that allows you to post information and then see how it spreads.Install HTC Sync (available from HTC website), then uninstall it again but leave the drivers (separate uninstall entry). Firmware: 1.12.841.17 – Has anyone upgraded to 1.54.401.5? i rooted my phone using hansoons guide but now my phone doesnt access the internet or have a signal... this appeared to happen right after i unlocked the bootloader edit: solved, nearly had a bloody heart attack Root is not hard at all.Best if you can do this before you plug in the phone at all, but not the end of the world otherwise. Then read through this guide (I used it and it is easy to follow). How to unlock the bootloader (you can use the toolkit for this) So I am S-OFF now. You can either use the official HTC bootloader unlock (does do a full wipe though) after which you can flash a custom recovery and then a root kit....I'm dam happy with stock with a days use so far and I used Rev HD on the M7.I have not found a feature I want on the new roms yet to justify the flash.

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