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The millions of years assigned to the various layers in the ‘geological column’ were adopted long before the advent of radiometric dating methods—well before radioactivity was even discovered. Those rock layers don’t just have rocks or granules in them. And these fossils are indisputable evidence of death—and not just of death, but carnivory, disease and suffering.

There are remains that have tooth marks in them, and even animals fossilized in the process of eating other animals.

And Neandertals, for example, show signs of art, culture and even religion.

And recently, the sequencing of actual Neandertal DNA shows that many of us carry Neandertal genes—i.e. To call them ‘non-human animals’ seems entirely contrived to salvage the long-age belief system.

Many compromising positions see these remains as those of ‘pre-Adamites’—soulless non-human animals.

But these skeletons fall within the normal range of human variation.

So, if we currently see rivers laying down sediment at an average rate of say 1 mm (4/100 of an inch) per year, then a layer of sedimentary rock such as sandstone which is 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) thick must have taken about a million years to form.

The idea that death was in creation before the Fall has major implications for the character of God.

The same problem arises if one thinks that God used evolution to create.

This ‘present is the key to the past’ assumption (and its variants) is a cornerstone of modern geology.

It involves a rejection of the biblical account of a global watery cataclysm.

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