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One day, James and Kirby have an argument and she leaves him, which drops James into a deep depression.

When Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) switches his handguns at the shooting range his S&W Escort becomes a Galesi-Brescia Brevetto 5 ("Brevetto" is Italian for "model", meaning this particular model is the Model 5, the Model 9 has a longer barrel).

In a continuity error, the Model 36 becomes a nickel Colt Detective Special when Travis puts it down in front of him at the range (see below). The pistols that lay in front of him are the S&W Escort (can be told apart from the Sterling by the bottom barrel) and the S&W Model 36 (can be told apart from the Colt by the 5 round cylinder). Note the barrel, ejector rod, and six-round cylinder of the Detective Special.

The Colt is only used during this overhead shot, and remains the S&W Model 36 when he is shooting.

Travis apparently gets the idea of owning a .44 Magnum from one of his passengers (portrayed by director Martin Scorsese in a cameo) who claims he will use it to murder his cheating wife.

Travis's Model 29 is seen often throughout the film, carried in a large shoulder holster he purchased from "Easy Andy" for , in addition to paying 0 for the revolver itself.

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