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This discount will automatically be applied during the JCC2019 booking process.

If you book a cabin and then later decide to drop any occupants you will lose any applicable discount(s) for the berth(s) you are cancelling, and the Pay in Full discount is applied to your new balance.

In the course of providing cruises and related products and services we may collect various demographic data along with email addresses, names, and receipts for past purchases.

There may be other data you are asked to provide in the course of our providing a cruise to you, which we may retain on our servers.

We only provide personal information to outside parties if it is necessary to provide a service (e.g.

our travel agency and cruiseline needs to know your name and date of birth in order to get you a berth on the ship; Mailchimp sends our emails; Blackbox has handled shipping and fulfillment, etc) and we would not provide these data if we thought they would be used for purposes beyond our own.

Also, because it’s not a retail Holland America Line sailing, any credit card or other discount vouchers normally available on their cruises are not redeemable for Jo Co Cruise 2019. Jo Co Cruise’s all-in-one pricing includes every dollar required to sail with us all week long.

OR…you can get hired by Holland America Line and hope they deploy you on the Oosterdam from March 9-16, 2019.

A complete list of such items can be found on our Pricing Page.

Infants and Children under the age of 3 (as of our sailing date of March 9, 2019) are eligible for a discount of 0 per child, which will be applied towards the total balance owed on the given booking.

We do not furnish email lists or other personally identifying data to our sponsors or other entities for their own marketing purposes or for any purpose other than conducting the business of Jo Co Cruise, which is providing the Jo Co Cruise and related products to our customers, selling the Jo Co Cruise and related products, and monitoring our effectiveness at performing the aforementioned activities.

If we receive court orders or are required to furnish data by law we will either comply with these requests (be prepared for this option) or take a custerian stand against the man (be prepared for this option).

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