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Normally a spouse who falls prey to an affair is a decent person that is aware of their behavior and how it is frowned upon by society.Even though they are aware of the immorality of their actions, they continue with the relationship, which means dealing with feelings of guilt.The Blame Game: Feelings of guilt motivates them to demonize the faithful spouse in an attempt to justify their affair.They will accuse their spouse of many negative and unforgivable traits and behaviors.

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They will question how their spouse, someone they have loved and trusted could betray them in such a way.The faithful spouse is portrayed as an inadequate partner, which left the cheating spouse no choice but to find an adequate replacement.Not only will the faithful spouse be demonized, history is rewritten to make it appear that he/she has been inadequate for the entire duration of the marriage.The pain in this type of divorce comes from losing a position of importance in the life of your spouse, from beliefs about immorality, betrayal and feelings of failure as a spouse.When a third party enters a marriage, certain psychological things start to happen in the mind of the cheating spouse.

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