Japan coin dating

In this article, a solution is proposed to offer a coherent and consistent year dating for the coins of Roman Antioch.There are several sources for confusion when interpreting ancient year counts.The 1 yen coin was first issued by the Empire of Japan in 1870.Since then, new issues have been introduced in 1871, 1914, 1948, and 1955.

During 1968, these coins were not issued, due to a preexisting overproduction. The reverse, just like the last coin, had displayed the year of minting, value, and the text "本 日 大". In 1874, during the circulation of the gold 1 yen coin, the Empire of Japan issued another 1 yen coin, which circulated alongside it in Imperial Japan.This coin had a mass of 26.96 grams and a diameter of 38.6 millimeters, being nearly equal in size to the first 1 yen coin.And there are differences in the length of the first year.People today count their own age with full years only, starting at the event of their birth.

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