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She currently lives in the Salt Lake City area in Utah with her three dogs, Page and Molly and the recently added Polly, whom she adopted from her dad.

She recently rescued a cat that she almost hit with her car.

Stacy, and her close friend Joey, were asked to participate in season 5 of UHC, which stands for Ultra Hard Core.

She was able to last up to second place, but ultimately, she died.

It isn't updated often, and has 51 videos as of February 14th 2016.

She also is a consultant for the Epic Reads You Tube channel, among other professions such as: Writer, Gamer Milk Aficionado, Producer, and Photographer, as stated in her Twitter bio.

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The main focus on her stacyplays channel is Minecraft gaming videos, but she also enjoys indie and adventure games.

) is a gaming You Tuber who frequently plays Minecraft.

She is known for being positive in her videos, and enjoys spreading this to her viewers.

She also tends to show appreciation for her fans, calling them "Potato Flakes," and frequently showcasing their submitted fanart in her popular series, Dogcraft.

Joey Graceffa helped her make her channel when they worked together at Teen.

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