Kirsten powers dating anthony weiner

If Huma Abedin is pregnant, as the New York Times is reporting, I think Anthony Weiner has to resign — and I actually expect him to. I’ve resisted calling for Weiner’s resignation, even though I’ve deplored his reckless behavior.

Since I’ve defended the “victim” of the mess all along, the 21-year-old college student who received the photo unwillingly on her account, and who was slimed by conservative bloggers, I have to acknowledge that Weiner brought about her sliming.

The rest of them were parroting Weiner’s inane “I was hacked” excuse, which never made any sense.

Walsh is complicit in Weiner’s coverup because of her failure to act as a reporter: It would have taken Walsh 30 minutes on the phone with tech experts to know that.

the “Vote No.3” campaign and also as the press secretary for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair race of Donnie Fowler.

An on-air personality on Fox News channel, Kirsten Powers is an intellectual personality, considered to be a political pundit and an analyst.

She is considered to be the Democratic Party’s national voice.

But Walsh isn’t the only one doing a 180 on Weiner.

Here’s former girlfriend Kirsten Powers calling for his resignation, too (emphasis mine): In short, he was a friend whom I cared for very much, even if I thought he had issues he needed to deal with.

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