Mariah carey denies dating eminem

I flatter myself that the relationship is reciprocal: Mariah and I share a strong, sisterly friendship.

She signs off all her letters to me with the affectionate endearment: 'Your sis, M.' Though she is stupendously rich and I am relatively poor, it is a friendship of equals.

It is a prosaic selection; there are no luxury items for sale in this shop.

Then the woman and the bodyguard carrying the box of groceries get back into the waiting limo and are whisked away as quickly as they came.

The mirage fades as suddenly as it appeared, but the shopkeeper will remember the woman for years to come.

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I advised Mariah to stay in her limo while I bought the bagels. So, too, with the flunkey pictured toting her handbag.But, true to form, Mariah had insisted that she would visit. And she was hooting with laughter as she unpacked the box of goodies she'd chosen for me.There was a bottle of Alize liqueur - favoured by the rap artist P.On one occasion, we were swimming off her private yacht in the Med.As Mariah climbed on board after our dip, I handed her a towel.

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