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We understand it can be difficult to find a mate with whom you share a similar background, goals, or beliefs, and regardless of who you may be looking for, eharmony wants to help you find the love of your life.

Who needs to hang out in the local coffee shop to find a date?

They have disabled the service I paid for without my consent. During that three month period, checking my daily matches mind you, I received no responses from any of my matches or anyone I messaged for that matter. First of all the app is filled with many fake accounts. What I got was divorcees in their 60s all over the country! So as I told them, I only removed possible matches, accepting none as I previewed the night before. In the end, they refunded my hours-old subscription and put me back into basic service status, which is useless.

I am totally floored at the lack of professionalism and customer service they have shown paid customers. The only responses I got were from guys who didn’t fit my preferences at all. I paid for a 3 month subscription and didn't even speak with one person let alone meet anyone in person. Filters do NOT work and never worked through my whole membership. They then tried to get me to clean my browser history. I have edited my profile to explain their system glitch and that I'll be removing my account shortly. I would NOT recommend this site to ANY female friends.

I realize that these accounts can be hijacked and used by others in order to scam other members but if this happened, I should have at least been told by that this had happened but they would not even investigate the matter and give me some sort of explanation. Bottom line, I am extremely disappointed with my experience on this site and I would not recommend it to anyone with breath in their body. Firstly, the site is full of fake profiles that waste your time. Less than 48 hours later I only got 3 emails and sent 1 out. I've received so many emails stating that they found their match, but his or (usually) her friend saw my profile and want me to call or email him off of the site. You put in a certain age group and distance and the filters don't work because everyone likes you and emails you.

I wrote to them 3 different times and each time, they replied with the same callous answer that I was taken off due to the terms and conditions of the site. Every time you login you're greeted by incessant pop-ups to try and make your spend (more) money to get features that should be free to users (incognito mode, profile 'boosts'), your matches are arbitrarily selected it seems and based on loosest fitting criteria of profile selections. I asked for a refund but since I used site services, that 1 email, I can't get a refund. I'm in PA, I've had men from FL, TX, IN, WY, MD, ND contact me. So far not one of them has contacted me after months of trying. It is my assessment that and all the others are bogus. They post pictures, tell me women have tried to contact me, I send replies to the women and guess what. The federal government has shut down all the personnel on such sites as Craigslist and Back Page. All they're doing is bilking the public out of their money. I initiated a 3 month subscription with back in July 2015, and used Pay Pal as a payment.

Anyway you miss one thing and you don't get the guarantee anymore. Granted I haven't spent a ton of money on any one site. The sites I've signed up for all do the same thing. After that, they just kept billing me every 3 months!!In my opinion, this is a misuse of financial information for the purpose of automatically securing financial gain from people who are either not reading the super-fine print, or missing the ~so called~ terms altogether.Shame on me for not spotting this sooner and that it took this long to notice. Signed up today after reviewing what little I could on the site the night before.eharmony recognizes it can be difficult to meet people with whom you share common interests and goals within your geographical area, and we can help. The girl next door could be your next date, and your next date could be the best date of your life.eharmony matches you with compatible local men or women - whether you're looking for love in Los Angeles, Denver, or Seattle. We at eharmony want you to find love and romance and to make it last.

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