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As specified in the IRCX Draft, The client sends a string using the prefix "I" for initial and then the client and server will attempt to authenticate.The Gate Keeper mechanism is not publicly documented.In essence - peer volunteers or staff entered online chat rooms in a similar way that volunteers outreached at social, community and sexual venues.The program was implemented in a way that aimed to respect and support the users of this virtual environment and the online community they had created.The use of third-party applications on the MSN Chat Network was not prohibited, although it was unsupported.

The Microsoft Network Chat Control was developed as an Active X Component Object Model (COM) Object.Microsoft used another SSP known as Gate Keeper Passport, that worked from the same method but required certain attributes related to the user's account.There have been various methods through the use of m IRC to access the MSN Chat Network.In any event, these public functions allowed normal IRC clients to authorize themselves.With the release of the MSN Chat Control 4.0, the public functions were removed.

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