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People always say it doesn't rate well - I always hear that from TV exec-y people - but it's been great and I've really really loved it."How do you inject that sense of fun, while keeping it relatively focused on the music? She felt like she trusted it."Do you think online radio will eventually replace traditional radio? I think in terms of me and doing a breakfast show, it's really different from what we do.

"The humour just comes naturally from what they say. It comes from them being funny and telling insane stories. He was late for the shoot because he'd bought a 0,000 Rolls Royce on the way there. Everyone was running out of the buildings and chasing him down the street."So who's the dream interview for you? Everything he's touched is incredible, and I'd love to meet him. I think Missy Elliott was the first artist I found on my own and not through my brother or my sister. But I think for the specialist shows that Radio 1 also offers, I guess it would infringe upon what they're doing."If you were allowed to and Beats 1 came knocking, would you be open to the idea of doing a show for them? It's always been what I've wanted to do since I was 11 - I've always wanted to do the breakfast show.

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"No, but we've got to start talks about where it is though."Do they basically ask, "Where would you like your 'house' to be? They were like, 'You can go to LA', but I was like, 'I don't want to go to LA because it's too far and I have to go to the radio every day at 5am'.We were there week in week out and you got to know everybody. Everyone really got on - we laughed all night."As for the nerves, I think what worries me is the six-chair challenge. it's a funny one because I really connect with people and I get really emotional, so I don't know how I'm going to be able to say, 'You're a really nice person, but you're terrible at singing'. If they believe in what they're selling, I'll be into it.But I guess that's the job."How are you going to toughen up? I cry at things a lot, so I will definitely be crying."You will be crying more than the contestants? If they're a bit of a hoax and they're making music to be rich or if they're like, 'Oh Rihanna did this so I'm going to do this', it just doesn't work.The mother-of-one looked a little bleary-eyed as she stumbled into a taxi in the early hours of this morning.Despite looking a little unkempt, the 28-year-old WAG still looked fashionable in an stylish oversized faux-fur gilet over an all-black ensemble.

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