Non sedating anti emetic

This relays a signal to the floor of the fourth ventricle, but the mechanism of movement of the signal to the CTZ is yet unknown.It has been hypothesised that the cerebellum may possibly act as a second relay centre, but as the CTZ only responds to chemicals in the plasma, the synaptic pulses from the relay centres could not act directly upon it.Phenothiazine antiemetics are a type of medicine that may be used to relieve nausea and vomiting.They work by inhibiting dopamine, muscarinic and histamine (H1) receptors generally in the vomiting center and chemoreceptor trigger zone.

It is also, perhaps [a bit irishly], necessary to promote vomiting in the test for anti-emetic drugs.

Humans are fundamentally animals, and in true Darwinian fashion, survival is key.

The process of emesis, or vomiting, can often be regarded as a defensive mechanism adopted by humans and other animals.

Two sections of the medulla function to regulate the event of emesis, the chemoreceptor trigger zone (CTZ) and the vomiting centre.

The CTZ is located in the area postrema, on the floor of the fourth ventricle of the brain, and is sensitive to chemical stimuli present in the plasma.

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