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A small child, for example, knows many people from the very beginning, not just his mother and father. He'll stay with someone who loves him an aunt or sister or grandmother.

For a young mother and father there are also advantages. The typical family consists of mother, father and two children.

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Puerto Rico’s yearly calendar is teeming with mesmerizing cultural events, such as the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián that mark the end of Christmas in the winter to the Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest that brings together international Latin jazz stars during the spring.

But no matter when you come, our culture will be all around you.

They can go out to work and grandmother will look after the house and the children. If the mother goes out to work, she must leave them with a stranger someone who looks after them as a job, for money.

And the older woman, for example, has something important to do. If there is a divorce or separation the child's life will change completely.

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