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I was annoyed, but when i called him the next time, i gave him only 600 bucks and reminded him about the previous time.

All the times after that I made sure I had change with me every time i called him. Didn't say anything but decided that i am never calling him again. Do I look like a kid to whom you're giving a student discount?

Posted On May 29, 2018 - AMI had these two masseurs who were genuine masseurs who used to come for home service.

And one of them used to give a handjob and one of them just poured oil in my buttcrack cuz he realised that I liked it.

After swapping, their Sexual life is entirely changed.

It' s normal human behavior that we can not hold on to one thing for long,and we need a "Change". In countries like US, many indian couples openly accept their interest in wife sharing.

In US the common age group that is indulged in wife sharing is 35 to late 50s.

In almost every state in US, you can find week end swingers parties where you can see a few indian swingers also.

Wife swapping india is a kinky trend that is growing very fast these days among desi couples.Neither did he say that his charges have increased but took the same amount from me. (had he said yes, and had he said that before he came to my place, i would've been totally ok with giving him 1000 bucks). You had a complete freedom of just telling me that you have increased your rates, but you just decided to stoop low and snatch those extra bucks.Until the last time, when i had forgotten about this incident and gave him 1000 rs. And he didn't even was from a poor background that he would need extra money like the former masseur.We shouldnt forget the fact that we r his clients n he is the service provider.He cant declare his orientation or preference if hes charging for his service.

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