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No need to reference her birthday month and the "no shame" stuff, it just comes across as insecure. It probably will be cringe-worthy reading through the texts again a few months down the road. Just kinda gets old grinding through the same topics on Tinder, then on 1st dates, etc.

A superior response there would have been to say "Monday works. I had my 6th date with the yoga instructor, we had a nice Dinner then she slept over at my place, then walked around for a bit and had a lunch and she left.

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Ahead of really enjoying for your cash practice your game up for grabs to comprehend poker palms and creating a strong technique while at play.Had sex 4 times and I think she has a very healthy libido, which is an important factor for me.Still can't believe that everything seems so great after 6 dates.If your availability text was the last thing sent, don't text again unless she does.(Note: all of this nitty "tactical" discussion is obviously a bad sign if you're interested in a real connection.) I would try to set that date with the other one you're interested in even if it conflicts with Monday.

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