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He will appreciate that and besides, it will help you strengthen your relationship.

This may happen even when you introduce yourself in a normal, polite way that doesn’t justify it. Someone may see you trying to talk to a woman and think it’s weird. And you HAVE to accept the unavoidable reality that some women just.

It’s quite a big delusion to believe that this world is rational.

Pay attention to the ratio of what he promises to what he actually does.If you always follow its instruction without thinking sooner or later it may guide you to a high brick wall you haven’t expected to see in front of you.So, from the point of view of its arrangement this world is more female than male where feelings and mind have the same weigh and can’t exist without each other.We had better never be one hundred percent sure in anything even if the outcome seems quite obvious.It’s like driving your car using an automotive navigation system.

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