Priyanka chopra dating shahrukh khan

There were rumours that Shahid Kapoor was the cause of Priyanka’s split from Harman.4: Shahrukh Khan: Who won’t fall for the King Khan?She ditched him after becoming the Miss World in the year 2000.Now Aseem seems to be having his revenge as he anounced to make Priyanka’s bio-pic titled 67 Days.But our gut and research tells us it was Piggy Chops herself.It is confirmed both Priyanka and Katrina were in Dubai in March 2013 with Shahrukh.Priyanka’s alleged affair with Shahrukh Khan became the biggest topic in Bollywood.Shahrukh’s wife Gauri, who was once close to Priyanka, threw her out of her circle and reportedly warned Shahrukh against ever working with her.

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She has made it big on the big screen in Bollywood and Hollywood since her arrival in B-Town after her crowning as Miss World in 2000.

3: Harman Baweja: Priyanka was Harman Baweja’s ladylove for five years.

They started drifting apart when their film Love Story 2050 flopped.

On the way to super stardom, the sizzling Priyanka Chopra has broken many hearts as she has had many love affairs.

Here are the five lucky men who were Priyanka Chopra’s boyfriends and had intimate affairs with her: 1: Aseem Merchant: Aseem Merchant was Priyanka Chopra’s first boyfriend when she started modelling.

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