Problem with updating super genie vijeo citect

The Ass Pop Up() and the Ass Win() are the most commonly used functions.See the online help for full details of these and other association functions. The tag name you have passed to the *** function does not exits.Access the I/O Device Manager from three places: the Project Setup Tool, Power SCADA Studio (Topology : This is a procedural guide for efficiently deploying a Power SCADA project.

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Double check your code and check the tags being called for by the supergenie actually exist. If there are any problems with this tag you will get and *** error. Perfect Answer Open Citect Knowledge Base - Index Q1589 # A S S displays in my Super Genie Article number: Q1589 Created on: 29/3/95 For Citect versions: 3.00 Summary Question: I Created Super Genies with combinations of INT and REAL but when trying to display the genie the numbers will show #***. Solution The #*** error is being displayed because physical tags have not be associated correctly with the super genie.

In Citect explorer , go View - Data Folder and delete all the trend history there.

Since you are using Page Info i assume you are calling the function using a Cicode object on the page.

# A S S means a supergiene has not been able to substitute its tag properly, there is not enough information in your post to diagnose exactly what the problem is. Thus I restored the backup file but the problem isn't resolve anyway. Even if I did, the back-up restore should have render everything back to the initial state but still, I can't have it show 0.00 in the text input.

I hardly alter anything essential but it suddenly turned out like this. Like i said, the supergenie substitution is messed up so it cant find the tag that you are passing to the page.

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