Psychosis and spirituality consolidating the new paradigm

That’s what Steiner said, that one doesn’t have to see what a clairvoyant sees to benefit from a clairvoyant’s observations.

He said that the logic / understanding itself was valid in anyone’s head, and if you understood it, it’s as good as having experienced it yourself.

psychosis and spirituality consolidating the new paradigm-50

As an airplane flies over the ground or water below, it is flying almost flat like a ruler, and the ground below is almost flat like a ruler too, except there is a slight curvature to the ground which is matched by the plane’s slight curvature in its path, the two remaining parallel to each other as both curve equally.Thus if you take weed, which again is a “muscle relaxant for the soul”, then while awake it would expand your soul slightly and thus allow you to receive stimulus you wouldn’t otherwise.And yes this includes negative entities as well, since they’d have an easier time then jacking into you.In other words, something that was artificially induced is transferred over to the psychological domain, where it lives on long after the drug has worn off.For example, some people get paranoid while on marijuana, maybe feeling like their roommate is putting poison in his milk or something.

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