Radiometric dating technique used to date lucy who is dating malin akerman

That pre-shaped portion is then struck off the core, fully formed.Levallois style tool-making allows for greater precision and sharper edges.Personally, I think that the thing this paper proves is not whether hominins developed Levallois technology in India 385,000 years ago — it’s that India, like many other areas of Asia, has been underinvestigated by paleoanthropologists, and that many more sites (which may ultimately prove or disprove the claims made today about Attirampakkam) are out there, just waiting to be found.

Not having a fossil associated with any of the tools from the 200,000 year span represented at Attirampakkam makes it impossible to draw any conclusions about who made them.

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It’s found in much of Africa and Eurasia, but there is some debate over whether the technology was spread by a single tool-tastic culture as it migrated or sprung up independently in multiple places among different populations.

While it appears in the archaeological record at different times in different places — and is associated with more than one member of the genus — Levallois technology is associated most closely with the Middle Paleolithic, which was, more or less, 50,000-325,000 years ago (that’s a generous “more or less,” not only because there is considerable variation between locations, but also because researchers disagree on what constitutes start and end dates).

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