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What I'd like to say to all women out there, and to their partners, is to remember that ANR is a journey of a lifetime, to be enjoyed and cherished.I believe the whole goal of ANR is to bring a husband and wife (or partner) even closer, both physically and emotionally, to build a bridge of intimacy that the stresses of everyday life cannot destroy.I'm more than halfway through App-less April, Bustle's challenge to delete your dating apps for one month.I started the initiative to take a break from the dating technology I've used for three years after realizing it had become the only way I was dating.It's not the milk that bonds, but the act of nursing.And to those who are struggling to produce milk, all I can say is don't start filling your body with medicines, hormones - take care of your health and your body, eat well, drink lots, exercise often; but also take care of your mind - don't stress, don't panic, just relax - and enjoy.When I started using dating apps in 2013, I looked at them as a supplement to meeting people IRL.

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All I can say is that re-lactation involves psychological, emotional and physiological issues, and that gets all very complicated.

I'm not swearing these apps off forever or saying they're bad for everyone, but just like with clean eating detoxes or Sober January, I'm reevaluating my relationship with them. "They see their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to socializing in various environments," he says.

"They realize where their comfort zones are and where they should push themselves.

On my many hours reading websites, forums and personal blogs that other women have written about their experiences, feelings and hopes on ANR, the subject of lactation (or re-lactation) has come up so often that I feel I need to throw my thoughts into the ring.

Let's be clear - we're all different and we all have very different expectations of ANR, so whatever I say, I don't mean to offend anyone, nor am I passing judgements or criticisms.

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