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VOLUME XIV 1940 Contents, Volume XIV, 1940 PAGE Editorial Notes ------- - i, 113,345 Notes and News - - - - - - - 193, 427 Reviews (seepage 471) - -88,210,321,438 No. It cannot be said that the Sutton Hoo ship suggests stagnation in Anglo-Saxon England’s ship- yards. Kendrick M OST of the gold ornaments represent the very splendid outer harness of a princely apparel, doubtless the sword-belt and bald- rick, and also a purse and the straps on which it was slung.

The East Anglian ship-wrights had more confidence in their building methods and did not rely so much on large undivided pieces of wood as did the builders of the Nydam ship.

XV : Shield-boss, xvi : Cauldrons, iron tackle, silver dish and basin, xvn : Large silver dish, xvm : Details of ornament on large dish, xix : Small silver bowls . xxii : Excavation, xxm : Wooden bucket, xxiv : Wooden tray. This is contrary to what our in- formation has led us to expect in ships of the Dark Ages when equal ends, both sharp, were the rule.

X : Buckles, strap-fitting and control stamps, xi : Purse mount, xn : Bronze bowls, xm : Silver bowls, xiv : Silver bowl with classical head. Those who have seen the drawing of the Snape Common boat have been puzzled by its rounded stern.

There are also a number of minor fragments of gold, including one or two unornamented strap-mounts, two jewelled filigree strips of great delicacy, and a tiny mount of gold foil in the form of an animal. A comparison of the lines of the Nydam ship with those of our vessel shows that there had been a great advance in the two centuries which may be supposed to have elapsed between their building. The Viking north-south orientation was not followed.Please do not give me these sites: - - Chatango - doesn't have a FREE auto-refresh, you have to pay.I need a FREE chat box with FREE auto-refresh for my website/forum.

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