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On , PATRIR participated in an excellent Civil Society Dialogue Network meeting in Brussels with Federica Mogherini and a delegation of the European Union.

Together with the heads of other major peacebuilding organisations across Europe, we discussed the role of the European Union as a global peace actor and the implications for security, peacebuilding and violence prevention.

Municipalities and local authorities are essential to the successful implementation of peace initiatives, yet not enough international support is focusing on providing assistance to actors at the very centre of these efforts.

Our PATRIR has been working inside Syria since 2016 with a consortium of international and local partners, in order to provide professional capacity building training for civilians remaining behind, including many IDPs.

DPO experts include practitioners, analysts, diplomats, and others.

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The discussions and practical work need to continue, also at the level of Member State governments and bringing the effectiveness of peacebuilding forward to EU citizens.

Peacebuilding needs to be at the heart of the EU’s integrated and intelligent approach to real security.

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