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Festivals provide wonderful opportunities for visitors to experience the amalgam of the people who make up this country whose Latin roots dating from the Roman Empire make it unique in East-Central Europe.

Here is a compilation of announced by the local authorities/ organizing entities.

I had never met them before and so was excited at the prospect of getting acquainted before the big day. Don’t best men need to have known each for a long time…as in be best friends? Genuinely, I was more excited than a child in, both, a candy shop and on Christmas morning! The wedding was to be located in Iasi, the largest city in the far northeast of Romania.

In the UK, if the couple haven’t been married before, they can do both the civil and religious ceremonies in the church. Now this is where it got interesting, in terms of the comparisons I could make between the UK and Romania. Standing up, in a non-air-conditioned church in the height of summer, it was safe to say that those 45 minutes felt like an eternity! And actually, I really like the concept of giving cold hard cash to the young couple. Instead of items that they may or may not be able to make use of, how about give them a means to set themselves up in married life? In conclusion, it was the best weekend I have spent in Romania to date.

There was lots of singing, kissing of hands and crown wearing. Although, the couple did look like a King and Queen for a moment with their golden crowns on. I experienced a true traditional Romanian wedding, met some warm, welcoming and compelling people and discovered another part of the country that is just as stunning as the rest.

This may sound strange to Romanians, but since coming here, I have found people are always positive.

A British expat in Romania attends his first local wedding in one of Romania’s largest towns, becomes best man almost overnight, and gets to experience local hospitality first –hand. I have heard my fair share of how, exactly, Romanians conduct their unions of love, but I had never experienced one for myself.

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