Ryan reynolds and anna faris dating

, and she seems to have the full support of her estranged husband, Chris Pratt.The 38-year-old actor penned the forward to Faris' book, which she dedicates to him, writing: "To Chris.There was a collective gasp as he whisked me away."While Faris doesn't offer many hints as to why the two called it quits, she does express that when she and Pratt started sharing their personal lives on social media, they cultivated an image of the perfect couple that came with some added pressure.Pratt also notes this in his forward, writing: "We're both well-known actors and it's worth mentioning -- fame can be a pain in the butt. And despite what it may seem, we'll be just fine regardless what you think of us." Faris goes on to suggest that when in a relationship, she never tries to change a man, but prefers "adjusting him." She gives the example of when Pratt used to always show up late to everything, but that all changed when he got together with Faris."I think it was a testament to how much he wanted to be in the relationship, because he was willing to change in order to be with me," she writes.

"It did feel a bit like the lion rescuing the lioness from the hyenas," she writes, admitting that she was a bit insecure about attending the event.

"It was amazing to watch the reaction as he came through the door.

I still felt like headgear-wearing, awkward Anna Faris but when Chris came in, he was all movie star.

It was amazing, like having a little theater company."2.

Paris Hilton, who was supposedly an inspiration for the Samantha James character, actually auditioned for the part."We saw a lot of people because that was a really fun part.

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