Saudi arabia dating rules

Since Riyadh is the capital city, flights to and from the kingdom are also generally cheaper.With that said, it still is a very conservative city, but relatively speaking less so than many cities in the kingdom.Some great activities there are scuba diving in the Red Sea or deep sea fishing. Another popular coastal city, albeit smaller than Jeddah, is Dammam.It does not look anywhere near as busy, and real estate is definitely cheaper.Riyadh also often gets hit by major sandstorms, which really plays a number on the sinuses and allergies.

Since getting Saudi visitor visas for friends is a little hard, you can get them to stop over in Bahrain and spend quality time together–which is a big plus.It is also across the sea from Egypt and the entire African peninsula, so it is a great spot from which one can travel.Jeddah is also a coastal city, and although going to public beaches in swimwear is forbidden, you can drive to one of the many private beaches and enjoy a “normal” day out at the beach.During my time there I did a lot of exploring and traveled to all the best cities in Saudi Arabia for expats.Jeddah is hands down one of the best cities in Saudi Arabia for expats to live in. You’ll find them scattered about in all the restaurants and coffee shops.

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