Senior citizen speed dating

Townshend says that "Roger swaggered up in his Teddy Boy outfit, his hair combed into a grand quiff, trousers so tight they had zips in the seams" (p. Daltrey took a job as a sheet-metal worker, and had the repute of being very capable with his fists."Even a nasty drunk knew better than to provoke him" (p. In 1964, The Detours changed their name to The Who.In the long-term, Daltrey was the only member of this rock group who avoided addiction to hard drugs.(2) The horizons of these and other performers were not intellectual.Unless otherwise specified, all references below are to the pagination in Townshend, (London: Harper Collins, 2012). Early Years of The Who Born in West London in 1945, Pete Townshend had a family background of musical performance.His father was a saxophonist in a Royal Air Force dance band; his mother was a singer.Senior citizens looking for a quick, casual way to get to know others their age with similar interests have a chance to give speed dating a try.“Speed dating is a way for people to quickly meet others and find out their particulars in a non-threatening environment,” said Stephanie Smith, president of Senior Advocate.

Roger Daltrey (born 1944) was originally "a brash street fighter from working-class Shepherd's Bush," (1) and became a guitarist.Nevertheless, Townshend was evidently conjuring with a Mod version of art, music, and society.The Mods and Rockers scenario in 1960s subculture has often puzzled people in other countries, and even in Britain. This factor provides complexities not always recognised in standard portrayals. His sense of affiliation with Meher Baba has sometimes aroused scepticism and incredulity, but is acknowledged in the present article.

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