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This baby was 15 years in the making...well, it felt like it.I wanted to make this due to the fact it bugged me in the movie that Jake managed to nail Neytiri with little to no knowledge of Na'vi mating practices.Despite evidence to the contrary, text sex is often considered something only weird people (and writers?) do, and the assumption is they aren't capable of having sexual relationships in real life.Once you open the platform to the public, it becomes theirs, and the community that forms will determine the fate of your investment.I talked to two designers whose erotic virtual worlds have been open to the public for more than a year, asking what they've learned from the experience and what has contributed to their success.Patric Lagny is the designer, programmer and publisher of Sociolotron (NSFW), an online role-playing game known for supporting sex as well as violence."Badgirl" is the CEO and team lead of Jewel of Indra, (NSFW) an online environment designed to support sexual exploration and community.

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Editor's Note: The photo gallery that accompanies this piece contains adult material and may not be suitable for viewing at work.

Online sex has always been about real connection in a virtual environment, despite unflattering stereotypes about who has cybersex and why.

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The very first fully motion captured flash animation.

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