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But this economic miracle was largely turned towards urban centers, leaving rural areas completely cut off from economic growth.

This development created an increase in inequalities between cities and countryside areas.

Plus, many more people depend on the money sent home by the prostitutes to their families, mostly in the countryside. The arrival of many US soldiers in the 50’s is commonly considered the beginning of a large-scale industry, but it did not create the phenomenon. During the Ayutthaya period (1350 – 1767), there were even state run brothels, and prostitution was legal until 1960.

At that point, the World Bank started promoting tourism as a way for Thailand to pay for development.It is estimated that the sex industry in Thailand is worth 6.4 billion US$ a year.According to the government, 200,000 people work as prostitutes, but numbers on prostitution are controversial as it is an underground industry.Indeed, large parts of the population were excluded from the benefits of the development.Rural women are traditionally considered crucial economic agents.

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