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Primary School: 4-10 years old Secondary School: 11-16 years old O-levels: 16 years old (open for everyone)Sixth Form: 16-18 years old A-levels: 16 years old (open for everyone)University, MCAST: 18 -25 In Malta schools are divided into two categories: State Schools and Private Schools.State Schools provide free education to all students attending and are located in all main towns around Malta and Gozo.Usually students start when they are around 18 years old, and graduate accordingly with how long their courses are.

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When completing secondary school, compulsory education is over, however students can opt to sit for their O-levels on their own which will help them get into high school and higher education.Most of Church Schools belong to the Catholic Church and after an agreement with the government school fees were removed.As the church transferred much of its land to the state, salaries are covered; parents are however required to pay a yearly fixed donation to make up for shortfalls.When attending an Independent School, parents are required to pay for costs such as school transport, books and material and school uniform.As Malta is very international there is a high number of foreign students from all ages attending school here.

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