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The jury convicted Patricia Columbo and Frank De Luca, and they were each sentenced to 200 to 300 years in prison.

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The board majority voted to deny Columbo's parole because she was one of the moving forces behind the crime, Tupy said.The two parole board members who voted in favor of her release in three previous attempts did so again. It will be three years before either can try again, said Ken Tupy, attorney for the Prisoner Review Board.The two board members who voted for (Columbo's) release noted her good institutional record, and that she teaches arts and crafts, she had been doing social work and helping out other inmates, Tupy said.Apparently, he had kept them silent by threatening their families.While in jail, De Luca attempted to have these witnesses killed by a cellmate, but another inmate thwarted the plan by telling the police.

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