Sober and dating Sexemail chat

They didn’t try to sugarcoat their disdain with any “met someone else”-type excuses, either.

Nope; we’d exchange a series of flirty, getting-to-know-you emails, and then the dude would suddenly evaporate when I mentioned that I’d prefer meeting him for coffee instead of Cuervo.

Like lots of people, I ride a rickety daily roller coaster of moods and emotions, but man or no man, my overall frame of mind has improved considerably since the summer of 2006. Alumni have high praise for this this New Jersey program which offers customized treatment plans and holistic care to its college-aged clientele.

I’m 34, single, and sober, and I’m ready for a little companionship with a funny, sensitive but not-too-normal guy. Residents leave with a commitment to their recovery and the skills to maintain it.

Then there are the guys I wouldn’t dream of dating —the party boys (uh, , alcoholics) who don’t drink remotely like Normal People, and see nothing wrong with pounding away six shots of tequilsa at the taqueria, one after another.

I had a close encounter with a member of this species on a brunch date last year.

I decided to stop drinking when I realized that boozy benders were doing me more harm than good—when it started contributing to the deterioration of both two-hour dates and two-year relationships.

But it sucked to discover that alcohol-free dating was still, well, When I said goodbye to alcohol and all its attendant drama, I never intended to bid farewell to dating, period.

I saw my romantic future shimmering atop a cotton-candy cloud of contentment and stability.

” For the recovering addict, this obviously won’t work.

Finding someone who understands what you’re going through can be very challenging.

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