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She encouraged me to get retested at my next outbreak.

Nevertheless, whatever I had was absolutely excruciating.

The closest thing Herpes diagnostic processes have to 100% accuracy is something called the Western Blot, a serologic or blood test that has 99% accurate results.

But that test is only available through the University of Washington -- a fact I found hard to believe until I called the Virology Lab at Washington U to confirm.

Even with the cloud of confusion shrouding herpes, one thing everyone agrees on is that it is one of the most common STDs, it is not life-threatening, and most people who have Herpes Type 2 (a whopping 81%) don’t know they have it.

Statistically, if you have had sex with more than four women or more than five men, you have already had sex with someone carrying the Herpes Type 2 virus.

I was bedridden for four weeks, unable to go to the bathroom unless I was in a tub of water (and even still the pain left me crying), sitting and lying on ice packs at all hours of the day, and racked with a 104-degree fever.

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The culture for Herpes Type 2 (genital herpes) came back positive -- but the blood test was negative.

The nurse delivering the news said given the culture’s result, I had herpes -- but added that the negative blood test did raise some eyebrows.

The reality is, most people with herpes don’t know they have it because the majority of the time, it's dormant and inactive... Actually, the Center for Disease Control’s website advocates NOT TESTING for Herpes because there is no proof that knowing if you have the disease or not will alter sexual behavior and thus limit transmission.

Because there’s no proof of the benefits of testing, “the risk of shaming and stigmatizing people outweighs the potential benefits.

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