Symantec endpoint protection clients not updating from sepm

The source code I'm using here can be found in my Git Hub repository.

Please note that each branch represents one of the below mentioned scenarios.

One of it's tasks is removing the component decorator with its meta data as it is not needed after AOT compiling and prevents for tree shaking as shown.

However, providers are a bit special: They are registered with a specific injection scope and provide a mapping between a token and a service. Hence, the Angular team needed to go one step further and this led to the API for treeshakbles providers we are looking at here.

For this reason, you will very likely use in most cases.

One nice thing about this API is that we don't have to modify the module anymore for registering the service.

In the last example, we needed to make sure that the .

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This is a common practice for dependency injection: We are requesting an abstraction and get one of the possible implementations.The reason we are using dependency injection is that it allows for configuring indirections between a requested token and a provided service. Multi Providers seem to be not supported by treeshakable providers which makes sense because when it comes to this variety, the token should not know the individual services in advance.This means, we have to use the traditional API for this.Let’s try out this demo code: The Observer Pattern is suitable for applications that require one or more function blocks to be notified when the state of a particular function block changes.The assignment of the communication participants can be changed at runtime of the program.

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