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You can combine these enumerated values together with a bitwise OR operation.

Combining parameters with a bitwise OR operator will result in a logical AND operation.

Each of the controls implements the Validating event.

As you can see in the example, Validate Children is called as a result of the Click event causing the Validating event to be sent to each of the controls.

Anyway, thanks to Sw Dev Man81 and Hans Passant I am starting from a much better place than yesterday.

The "real application" has a dialog with many Text Box controls.

If I could show you all the real application, it would make more sense as to why this is so important.

Anyway, thanks for helping this old dog learn a new trick. to prevent the user from moving away from the text box.

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Yesterday, I did not understand how to use the Ok button Click event to perform this validation. Clicking the Ok button causes the Error Provider to do it's thing where a control is not valid and the dialog is not closing unexpectedly.Defines constants that inform Validate Children about how it should validate a container's child controls.This enumeration has a Flags Attribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.class implements very basic functionality required by classes that display information to the user.It handles user input through the keyboard and pointing devices. It defines the bounds of a control (its position and size), although it does not implement painting. If the control is not sited, if the site does not support ambient properties, or if the property is not set on the Ambient Properties, the control uses its own default values.

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