Team fortress 2 stats not updating

and is their any extra charges to buy all the progames to creat my app like Xcode and waht ever One needed to creat the iphone APPWell, this is i Phone dev course so having an Mac and i Phone could be a good idea :) However this is not a requirement. Although I have programmed in the distant past with basic, I have really struggled to learn Objective C and given up. A few comments specifically regarding C would be appreciated.We have a special lesson "Developing i Phone projects on Windows" that will help you get started on Windows too. Thanks Mik Hi, I am really interested in your product but as you mentioned about yourself, I have no programming skills at all, I know I won't be creating the next best 3d game but I would really like to create 2d games and stuff with nice looking graphics..I guess you heard about Flappy Bird, a legendary addictive game that became so popular the developer even had to pull it off the App Store? Millions of fans were really upset and were ready to pay thousands of dollars on ebay just to get the iphone with an old Flappy Bird installed to play it.As you might guess, the Flappy Bird fever made millions of dollars in sales and started a series of successful clones that reap all the benefits after the original game was pulled of the market.

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4) You mentioned about buying apple developer program (). Hi mike, i want to buy your course, but unfortunately i have no credit card, i only have a debit card. Or with my pay pal, i have money in my pal, but once again, i don't have any credit card. Thank for reading and reply my comment.hey,im just about to buy this course but just 2 Questions i need to know...

I have window 7 not a mac so can i 100% bulid my app with PC Windows 7?

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