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I hope this helps, even if you don't use a batch file to do this particular job it can help you in the future.

The parameter allows any modifications made to the ADUser object to go to the corresponding Active Directory object while only updating object properties that have changed.

A script on the other hand gives you the advantage of automation and customization (Although future versions of Bulk AD Users will probably support automation).

The User Principal Name value for the users also matches the external email address. [email protected] 1 The Is Licensed property indicates that no licenses for O365 Enterprise or any other has been assigned to the users.

A screen shot of the csv file follows: Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties * -Search Base "OU=Manufacturing_OU, OU=Users-All, DC=myadlab, DC=com"| Sort-Object | Select-Object -Property @ | Export-Csv -Path c:\-No Type Information User Principal Name Is Licensed MSExch Recipient Type Details ----------------- ---------- -------------------------- Clark. The MSExch Recipient Type Details property value of 1 indicates that the user mailbox has not been migrated to Office 365 and still resides on the on premise Exchange Server. [email protected] myadpublicdns: ENTERPRISEPACK US New-Migration Batch -Source Endpoint $sourceendpoint -Auto Start -Target Delivery Domain "My ADPublic onmicrosoft.com" -CSVData ([System. File]:: Read All Bytes("C:\Manufacturing.csv")) -Notification Emails "[email protected]" -Large Item Limit 50 -Bad Item Limit 50 -Name Manufacturing Team Onboarding There are scenarios where it becomes necessary to move a mailbox back to the on premise mailbox server from Office 365 cloud using the GUI (web interface). The following snapshot shows the key field values that need to be entered while moving a mailbox back on premise.

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