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Failure of a licensee to provide the commissioner with requested information sufficient to examine the licensee's claims handling practices may justify a finding that the licensee was in non-compliance with these regulations or other applicable insurance code provisions.

Any and all information received pursuant to the Department's request shall be given confidential treatment, as provided in California Insurance Code section 735.5 and California Government Code Section 11180 et seq.

(i) "Insurer" means a person licensed to issue or that issues an insurance policy or surety bond in this state, or that otherwise transacts the business of insurance in the state, including reciprocal and interinsurance exchanges, fraternal benefit societies, stock and mutual insurance companies, risk retention groups, California county mutual fire insurance companies, grants and annuities societies, entities holding certificates of exemption, non-profit hospital service plans, multiple employer welfare arrangements holding certificates of compliance pursuant to Article 4.7 of the California Insurance Code, and motor clubs, to the extent that they transact the business of insurance in the State.

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The fact that information, data or statistical methods used or relied upon by a licensee to process or establish the value of insurance claims is obtained through a third party source shall not absolve the licensee of its legal responsibility to comply with these regulations or to effectuate prompt, fair and equitable settlements of claims.Other methods, act(s), or practices not specifically delineated in this set of regulations may also be unfair claims settlement practices and subject to California Insurance Code Section 790.03(h) and/or California Insurance Code Section 790.06.These regulations are applicable to the handling or settlement of all claims subject to Article 6.5 of Division 1, Part 2, Chapter 1 of the California Insurance Code, commencing with Section 790, except as specifically provided below: (1) Workers' compensation insurance; (2) Liability insurance for the professional malpractice of health care providers as defined in California Code of Civil Procedure Section 364(f)(1); (3) Self insured or self funded plans which are bona fide Employee Retirement Income Security Act ("ERISA") plans which are not also multiple employer welfare arrangements, to the extent that these ERISA plans are not covered by insurance; (4) Any other self funded or self insured plan, to the extent it is not covered by insurance, which is lawfully conducting business in this state.When processing or establishing the value of a claim, a licensee shall not be responsible for the accuracy of information provided by a governmental entity, unless the licensee has discovered or been notified of the inaccuracy and has continued to use the information.NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 790.034, 790.10, 1871.1, 12340 - 12417, inclusive, 1296 of the California Insurance Code and Sections 11342.2 of the California Government Code.

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