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Today's consumers want to enjoy high quality entertainment such as music, movies and streaming video wherever and whenever they wish.That means being able to easily shift copyright-protected content among a fast-growing array of digital devices - from multimedia PCs and DVRs to personal music players, mobile phones and in-vehicle systems.You should be able to watch the movie you purchased on your TV or any other non-Apple device!?Isn’t this kind of protection promoting illegal downloads …?Laws, when it comes to copying Copyrighted materials, differ from country to country.It is your responsibility to be aware of these laws and comply to them. The movie industry in general does not want you to copy a DVD for any reason.

: if your device is not in the list, then you can either choose “Same as the Source for MP4”, “Customized MP4 Movie”, a similar device, or even look under the cogs group for formats like 3GP, AVI, WMV, MPEG 1 or 2, VOB, etc. maybe future versions will include this format as well.

Click the “ Movies and/or TV Shows that appear gray are not fully downloaded yet, so if that’s the case: go to i Tunes, select “Movies” or “TV Series” and right click the movie or show you’d like to download, and click the “Download” option – you’ll have to wait until the download(s) have completed before you can remove i Tunes DRM.

Conversion will go faster than realtime and just before conversion start you will notice that i Tunes is being started (possibly in the background).

The later offers to remove i Tunes DRM from rented movies and TV-Series as well, which makes it in my opinion questionable at best when it comes legalities.

You’d be able to “rent” a movie and watch it for an unlimited number of times, and that’s not the intend of a rental. if I’d be allowed to play the rental on my XBMC box, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

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