Updating objectdatasource

If this isn't terribly clear at this juncture, don't worry, we'll examine this property and its utility in a future tutorial.

For now, just be certain to either remove this property declaration entirely from the declarative syntax or set the value to the default value ().

The primary key is used for locating the data row that will be updated or deleted, but no other comparison of the data is performed.

If the data source control is configured to use the Compare All Values option, however, the control passes the original data in the old Values collections of the Update and Delete methods so that you can write logic to update or delete data only if these values match the values currently in the data storage.

The sort expression can specify more than one column; if so, the column names are separated by commas.

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property, and based additionally on the parameter names that make up the business object method's signature.

That way, the data that makes up an instance of the class, such as an employee record, can change without requiring any changes to the public interfaces exposed by the data source object.

Introduction Step 1: Adding and Configuring the Object Data Source Control Step 2: Adding a Data Web Control and Binding it to the Object Data Source Using Themes for a Consistent Look Displaying One Record at a Time in the Details View Summary With our application architecture and website page layout complete, we're ready to start exploring how to accomplish a variety of common data- and reporting-related tasks.

When you create methods in a business object, you must ensure that the parameter names and types accepted by the business object method match the parameter names and types that the collection; and so on.

You can specify a name, type, direction, and default value for each parameter.

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