Updating ssl certificate problems girls dating ua

If a website is running with an expired SSL Certificate, it may harm users and Google Chrome is not considering that website as secure.

If you are the website admin, the solution to eliminate the error is to renew the SSL certificate or purchase a new SSL.

As self-signed certificates are used for security testing purpose, its lifespan is 90 days.

Generally, a user may get an SSL certificate Error on Google Chrome that states: “Cannot connect to real domain-name.com”.It is recommended to use the updated Google chrome version.In your Google Chrome, click on Options About Google Chrome, here you will get the information about the Google Chrome version.Google Chrome, an advanced web browser developed by Google in Sep-2008, is today the world’s most secure web browser & covers market shares of 48.26% of desktop users & 36.29% of mobile users.Google Chrome offers speed, security, and privacy to their users.

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