Updating your action replay

Can you confirm version of Windows which you are using? Have you tried connecting the DSi Action Replay directly to an alternative known working USB connection?

Can you confirm that the Action Replay is disconnected from your console?

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Skill level: Easy The Action Replay Max cheat device for Sony Play Station 2 allows users to download cheat codes and game hacks for their PS2 games.They allow you to enter specific hexidecimal codes that manipulate the game in a variety of ways, such as givi[More] If you have an action replay video on a DVD in NTSC format and you want to play it on a DVD player that prefers PAL, you'll need to first rip the video from the DVD to your computer.You can then use the native program Windows Movie Maker to change t[More] "The Sims: Life Stories" is a laptop-friendly offshoot of the popular "Sims" series of life simulation games.The "shiny" Pokemon are excee[More] If you find yourself leaving games unfinished because you can't get past a difficult part, you might find the solution in the Action Replay Max.The Play Station 2 version of this game-enhancing device comes packed with cheat codes that grant you abil[More] The Action Replay Max cheat device has traditionally been plugged into handheld consoles through the game port or activated with game discs.

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