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Qualified licensed health care professionals who supervise compounding and dispensing of CSPs shall ensure that the following objectives are achieved.This chapter emphasizes the need to maintain high standards for the quality and control of processes, components, and environments; and for the skill and knowledge of personnel who prepare CSPs.The rigor of in-process quality-control checks and of postcompounding quality inspection and testing increases corresponding to the potential hazard of the route of administration.For example, nonsterility, excessive bacterial endotoxin contamination, large errors in strength of correct ingredients, and incorrect ingredients in CSPs are potentially more dangerous to patients when the CSPs are administered into the vascular and central nervous systems than when administered by most other routes.The appropriate risk level—low, medium, or high—is assigned according to the corresponding probability of contaminating a CSP with (1) microbial contamination (microbial organisms, spores, and endotoxins) and (2) chemical and physical contamination (foreign chemicals and physical matter).Potential sources of contamination include, but are not limited to, solid and liquid matter from compounding personnel and objects; nonsterile components employed and incorporated before terminal sterilization; inappropriate conditions within the restricted compounding environment; prolonged presterilization procedures with aqueous preparations; and nonsterile dosage forms used to compound CSPs.ARL Bio Pharma provides analytical and microbiological testing for compounding pharmacies, outsourcing facilities, and health-system pharmacies.

The content of this chapter applies to health care institutions, pharmacies, physician practice facilities, and other facilities in which CSPs are prepared, stored, and dispensed.

A written quality assurance procedure includes the following in-process checks that are applied, as is appropriate, to specific CSPs: accuracy and precision of measuring and weighing; the requirement for sterility; methods of sterilization and purification; safe limits and ranges for strength of ingredients, bacterial endotoxins, particulate matter, and p H; labeling accuracy and completeness; beyond-use date assignment; and packaging and storage requirements.

The dispenser shall, when appropriate and practicable, obtain and evaluate results of testing for identity, strength, purity, and sterility before a CSP is dispensed.

This date should be based on drug-specific, scientifically valid studies when possible.

Things to consider when assigning BUD include: theoretical beyond-use dates as the published data introduces varying degrees of assumptions with a likelihood of error or inaccuracy.

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