Validating and non validating parser difference

Stylus Studio®'s Open XML Parsing & XML Validation Architecture and production environment is a critical component in a world-class XML editor, one that can make the difference between a project's success and its failure. As you can see from the following illustration, it's quite simple to add others using Stylus Studio®'s Custom Validation Engines feature.

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Because SAX is event driven, you'll want to be notified of, and react to, any errors that occur during validation. XMLReader Factory; public class Validate XML class My Error Handler implements Error Handler as it brings things to a crashing halt when any problems arise.The DTD is retrieved automatically based on the DOCTYPE of the parsed document.All you have to do is use a parser that has DTD validation enabled: option, which loads the DTD and weaves attribute default values into the document. Does the parsers package contain JAXP APIs which are the SAX and DOM APIs? Thank you Dear Jenny891 Hi In fact there are two standard API in java for xml parsing one is the SAX and other is DOM.And there are two parsers one is the SAX and one is the DOM? while JAXP is the API that is developed by Sun, by integrating these two above mentioned APIs with the addidtion of parser package which give some good implementation of the interfaces and abstract classes of DOM and SAX.

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