Validating u of m football tickets

Normally, when you’re looking to buy or sell tickets for the student section, most transactions are directed to the Student Ticket Exchange.Guest tickets are an exception; student tickets sold on the exchange must be converted into guest tickets at the guest ticket office.I had one friend who wanted to sell her ticket for the game to me, but in order to make that transaction, both of us needed to be at the BJC.

Guest tickets cannot be sold online because the student version of the Student Ticket Exchange system will not allow two tickets to be put on one card — it processes this transaction as an error.

This offers you the opportunity to turn a profit on your student ticket and still get into the game on the student section side of the stadium.

Alex Calderaro is a junior majoring in Supply Chain Management from Central Jersey.

For the UMass game, there were 11 tickets available for the 60 people that were waiting in line. When the line stopped moving, it was evident that the ticket representatives were doing the same thing we were: refreshing the Student Ticket Exchange and waiting for tickets to become available. The most frustrating aspect of the three and a half hours I spent in line last Wednesday was the lack of communication between the ticket representatives and the people waiting.

This meant that after the first 11 tickets were sold, each person in the line would have to wait until someone somewhere on campus decided to put his or her ticket up for sale. Many individuals waiting at the end of the line had no idea how many tickets were available.

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